How to get rid of self-doubt?

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 

― Suzy Kassem

Rita wants to enroll for a dance class, she is in her late thirties and thinks whether she can learn dance at this age. Rocky wants to start his venture triggered by his passion and doubts whether he could be successful, feels like continuing in existing job. Lata is interested in shifting to a different location in the city, not sure whether she can get adjusted. Vinu is keen on relocating to a foreign country with his new dream, not sure whether he could handle bigger responsibilities that come along. Shekar is getting a big contract and wonders whether he should take it up.

Like this, many of us want to do something which we like, capable of doing it, provided we focus on it wholeheartedly. But worried if we can handle the new tasks, responsibilities, challenges, mainly the changes that come along with it. So we are likely to get started with the new venture along with self-doubt. If you are going ahead with the doubt that keeps reminding you, it could pull you down from doing what you need to do or may not take you to the level you desire.

Is it wrong to think about the risks to be handled, obstacles that we may meet on the way, challenges that come in our path? No, we have to think about all those things and come up with a mitigation plan or the needed backups and so on. But if these thoughts are pulling us down to worry, anxiety and procrastination, then it’s the time to get away from all and get started with concrete actions.

All the strategies and plans would go waste unless we take action on the things we need to do.

Let’s get started, what is your goal or target that you want to reach? Is it about a fitness plan, starting a blog, joining a class, relocating to new place, changing the job, raising kids, working on your career, or whatever it is…

  • Write down the goal which you want to achieve and have self-doubt to get started with it.
  • Imagine if you succeed in achieving and how do you feel at the end. Do you stand there with pride? Whether that experience is exhilarating and could motivate you to get started? If not, you may have to look for something else which really matters to you.*
  • Do your SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats). Focus on your strength & opportunities and think about your goal, does it suits your skills and interests? Whether the planned goal could be suitable or do you need to explore other things to take up.
  • Give yourself a pep talk to replace the doubtful chatter inside or talk to a well-wisher who could do it for you.
  • When you have the clarity and the commitment to start, list down the actions and get started.
  • There is no perfect time. Procrastinating for the perfect time, place, condition would take us nowhere. Action, action and action in the right direction is the way to go.
  • Be ready, get up, get started, and march towards your goal. Do whatever it takes and ensure that your values and ethics are intact.

—Anitha KC


*Note: As Anthony Robbins mentioned in Unlimited Power, Do you know any person who has achieved massive success by doing what he hates? I don’t.
If you really want to achieve success in your a new hobby or a company or a new class that you have joined, that should be closer to your values, interests, and desires. If the reason to start is due to external reasons like trends, friends, celebrity influence, or someone you know are doing, you may not be able to give W.I.T. ( Whatever it takes!)


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  1. As always … relatable and so true! The real difference between an entrepreneur and a regular Joe is their ability to act on an idea knowing the risks involved!

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