You can heal your life – Letting go

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop – Rumi For any change in life, the first thing to do is let go of the past. It could be habits, experiences, or whatever you are holding on to. Unless we empty our cups, we cannot fill them freshly. Nature is the best teacher…. Continue Reading →

What I feel after the win

Over the past year, staying at home was a burden to many. Missing out on all the fun outside, eating, shopping, traveling, hanging out with family and friends. There were days I wished to go out and missed those things like everyone else. But after the dreaded encounter of the enemy that sent me to… Continue Reading →

Could you smile please!

In 2018, I wrote about the masks, Are you wearing a mask? I had written it figuratively to indicate how the adults’ camouflage to get adapt to the situations. At that time, I didn’t even dream of situations where masks are worn literally by most of the population.  Those were the days when we could see… Continue Reading →

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