The wind is like the golden breath of the world; when it blows, we feel that the world is alive and so are we! 

Mehmet Murat ildan

What a beautiful explanation for the wind! It is the breath of the world indeed. We breathe in from it and breathe out there. It is the thread that sustains life on earth. It connects all living and nonliving beings and touches all.  It is elusive, intangible.

Wind reminds us of the multiple forms of existence with its various avatars like breeze, gust, storm, and hurricanes. It is capable of touching us as a soft breeze or throw us out like a hurricane. Wind is more alive and dynamic than us.

The wind blows in a different direction on its own. It may have its own destiny to fulfill. Depending on the place, time and the weather, our experience with the wind varies. Wind is the liveliest thing on earth that reminds us to be alive at every moment.

Wind is air in motion. It is a natural phenomenon, caused by differences in atmospheric pressure. It carries innumerable things along with it.
The wind carries the fragrance from flowers and fruits and gets a breath of fresh air from lakes and rivers. Also, the rainy clouds to bring a shower of joy to us.

It doesn’t discriminate anyone or anything. Provides same air to each and everyone in that place and carries the smell irrespective of its perceived good or bad tags. No difference between seeds or dust or glitters, it just carries them all. Wind doesn’t bother about the caste and creed, living or non-living. It doesn’t object if we add pollution or the fragrance of flowers. It receives and disperses in a neutral manner.

Wind also has its own voice. Depending on time and location, it may sound like a friend’s whisper, lion’s roar, howling of a wolf, humming bees, running train and so on. It may sing lullabies to soothe us or may scare us like a storm.

While it helps us to harvest the crop, it has the capability to bring on the calamity to drive us out too. We have the technologies to predict the direction and speed of the wind. We have learned to harvest its energy. However, the wind has all the strength and its own discretion to move with whatever speed or the direction of its choice.

Don’t know from how long the wind is moving on this earth. It would have seen the evolution on earth, the origin of civilization, birth and extinction of several species, rise and fall of kingdoms, times of war and peace. Same wind was alive during the time of our ancestors.

I wonder what stories it is carrying with it. Having graced this planet for a long time, and seen and heard everything that has happened and going on, the wind may be a treasury of knowledge.

If we could decode the language of wind, we would have received the first- hand information on history. It would be great to learn from the one who has seen it than trying to interpret the past from various methods like excavations, carbon dating, and other ways.

However, it is a joy to face the fresh air with the wind blowing through the hair. Though we can’t change the direction of the wind, let us learn to adapt ourselves to face it whenever it touches us and however it does. Be it a breeze or a storm, we need to stand up for ourself and it may be the lesson which wind is trying to teach us.

—Anitha KC

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