—Little things of joy

There are many things in our life which gives us joy more than the bigger goals for which we need to work for longer duration. It may be some hobbies for recreations, activities for fitness, self care routines, catch-up with friends, cooking/backing, crafting, sewing, embroidery, spending pleasant time with family or friends, helping some one else, or just be with yourself or any other creative activities that give give us satisfaction.

Some people know about specific hobbies/activity and they focus on it and master it. They are happy to spend quality & quantity of time on same activity to enjoy it better.

There is something special about the people who identify themselves with “Jack of all trades”. It is difficult for them to continue doing the same for a long time. I think Newton’s first law of motion doesn’t seem to work with them. They can’t continue to be at rest or uniform motion, though there is no external force. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am part of that crowd. Excitement of change and learning something new thrills me more than following the routine and getting perfect in one thing.

Eight years ago, I was buying some toys for my toddler daughter, and I noticed pack of weird sticks. While checking with the shop owner, understood that it is a toy-hoop for which we have to fix those sticks to make a big hoop. As I had seen the hula hoop, only in the pictures, wanted to try out and ended up in buying. I could not wait to reach home and try the new hoop. Came home and fixed that colorful hoop, it captured the kids attention so much and they wanted to explore the new toy.

But, I was so eager to spin it around me. Moved all things away from me and tried hooping. It fell flat on the floor. Tried moving my waist in different ways to keep the hoop up…no luck. It was a mess, bending and picking the hoop was a strenuous exercise and didn’t find any progress in hooping.

I was looking for some ways to learn hooping. Youtube wasn’t common in those days, we rarely used it. Some how I came across a video of hooping. It was of no use for me. Though I tried to imitate, could not maintain the hoop around me.

Then got an idea, gave the hoop to my 8 year old son and asked him to look at the video and try hooping. Kids have more flexibility, less weight and lesser prejudice to try something new. So it worked! Within a day my son started hooping!

So, I got a teacher at home to learn hooping. Observing my son’s movement helped to understand the dynamics of hooping. Learning sessions are tough but came with loads of fun and laughter. The thing which my son was doing with ease, I used to struggle. Kids had fun as I was in receiving end. Some how manage to get a hold of it. But I could sense that it is much easy for my son to do the hooping than myself.

With some experience, I could understand that I need a heavier hoop so that I can match up to my son. Next time when we were in a toy shop, my daughter found one hoop that was bulkier and heavier. So I got a new hoop and started mastering the art. The hoop was of poor quality, sand was falling out from the porous foam lining. But the weight was so appealing to me and I could easily hoop for long time.

When a big sports shop opened in our neighborhood , I went to look for the hula hoop and could get a nice one which was of light weight. So search for the Hula hoop of my dream continued.

I tried to source it from US by asking my friends. Also tried my hand with hose pipe by filling sand and fixing with gum. Checked online, but it was quite expensive to buy without knowing the quality. Even return option wasn’t available.

Finally, when the sports-shop got a good quality Hoop, I jumped in joy. Tried the hoop and purchased immediately and informed many people about it without even thinking whether they need it or not.

My friends and family are aware of my craze towards hooping. Not just seeing, they had to be part of that. I have nagged them to try hooping and get into it. Pestered them to learn and succeeded in some cases.

I was carrying the hoops in my car so that I could teach my colleagues in the parking lot! Tried teaching on the lawn after the dusk, for friends near my home. Though, improving and learning new tricks with hoops are fun, it’s a joy to hoop with friends.

Hula hooping is a fantastic way to exercise and have fun at the same time. It tones your body and calms your mind. It is not possible to be upset after hooping. It makes us energetic and soothes the mind. It makes you feel like a master as you are controlling the hoop. It feels like you are in your own universe, when hula hoop spinning around you. It requires you to focus, pay attention to the moment and the rhythm. Hoops are like universe, no beginning and end. They represent the cycle of our life.

It is meditative and healing. Hooping improves your spine’s strength and flexibility and also hand-eye co-ordination. It challenges your brain as well as your muscles.

So hooping continues, though I hop between different fitness activities to keep my interests level up, hooping has a special spot in my heart. My love towards hooping is very much alive and kicking.

—Anitha KC

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  1. I remember your passion for this hooping and I too learnt becoz of your inspiration .
    Well Learning was fun , but when i mastered it , felt soo cool.
    Keep inspiring

    Liked by 1 person

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