Strive to Thrive

The strong find a way to survive…and THRIVE!

Billey Cox

During our recent visit to the Howrah natural bridge on Neill Island, my husband captured this photo. I could feel the sea breeze, salty-humid air, tickling touch of fishes, splashing waves on my feet, small scratches by the coral rocks on my legs. With warm people to interact, mouthwatering snacks to eat, alluring pearls & corals to shop, this island is a great place to be. It is a treat to body and mind to be there on that island.

A picture speaks a thousand words! Look at the picture. What are your thoughts on it?

Observe the green plant and see how it is thriving. The plant is standing on a coral rock and surrounded by the ocean. Though it has an unlimited source of water around, it can not survive with such saline water. No compost, no generous supply of mud or freshwater, additionally it has to face the direct sunlight. Despite all these adversities, this plant is thriving and adding charm to this picturesque view.

What about these lively waves? They seem unwavering to menever tired of splashing water and oozing life. Days and nights, months, and years, they continue to hit the shores. Waves may vary in size depending on the magnetic pull from the sun, moon, or the friction between the air and water. However, these waves are full of energy and look livelier than us at any time. They seemed to get extra enthusiastic after hitting the stones. Looking at those energetic waves do fill us with zeal towards life. Are these waves teaching us some lesson? May be on persistence and to maintain vigor, irrespective of the obstacles?

What do you think about the coral rock that is standing bravely against tides & waves, rain, wind & sunlight? What can we learn from that rock? Stay strong and hold ourselves confidently against any waves of difficulties? Shall we appreciate the generous nature of the rock, which is hosting the plants and sea creatures, or the way it is protecting the plant and sea animals from the never-ending waves?

Is the twilight giving us some clue about upcoming stars in the sky or bidding adieu to the sun for the day? Or is it closing the curtains for the harsh sunlight and welcoming the cool ocean breeze? Maybe it is cajoling this plant, coral rock, and the ocean waves to continue to thrive, not to give up, and to bounce back!

Though the rock, the plant, waves, and twilight have different stories and challenges on their own, they make a pretty picture for us. Each of them would shower us with the serenity to enjoy and allow us to carry the memories to cherish.

Do we thrive with existing opportunities? Or do we look around for the adversities to blame and complain about, instead? How do we live? Is being alive is enough, or do we need to strive to thrive?

This picture may trigger many more thoughts. Though all are appropriate, my favorite take away is to Thrive, which I got from the plant. Which of the lesson do you like to take from this picture and implement?

—Anitha KC

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