When we have constraints to go out, we could do many things that are pending and we keep postponing as it is not urgent. That’s how it happened to my little balcony garden. Though I was watering to keep them alive and appreciate the fruits and flowers, I could not spend more time to make it better. It’s my little thing of joy for now. So here is the weekend, cannot go out for shopping, exercises, or meet and greets.

Gardening is a metaphor for life, teaching you to nourish new life, weed out which cannot succeed.


Instead of working on all the plants, I started with my little lemon tree in the pot. After a season of fruits, it has become little dull with lesser leaves (it hosted the growth of two butterflies), grass and unknown plants near the base, dried flowers and orange peels on the surface which are creating fungus kind of growth, stiff soil that may be too tight for the roots, leaves that need a wash and so on…

What did I do for the plant?

  • Analyze the status and list out the needs to take care of the plant so that it becomes healthy and productive (happy too, with lush green leaves!)
  • Prune the plant to remove the dried branches and that is not healthy.
  • Remove the weeds and organic matters with fungus.
  • Dig up the soil, loosen it and add cocopeat to make it breathable, vermicompost to enrich the soil.
  • Position the plant well, pat the newly mixed base soil to make the plant stable.
  • Spray water to the leaves and gently wash the leaves.
  • Clean the surface of the pot.
  • Water the plant.

Doing these things made me feel good with a thought that the plant is happy with the treatment it got after a long time. Somehow, I could co-relate each of these tasks to ourselves.

When we are stuck at home, missing all outdoor activities, shopping, traveling, it may be good to do some self-gardening! Some thoughts here, please let me know what do you think about it!

  • Analyze- Reflect on the status, priorities, changing habits due to changed situations.
  • Pruning – Very important part often gets neglected. May be certain kind of thought process, the influence of some people or habits that could drag you down. It’s high time to prune them and be lighter.
  • Weeding – It would about people in your life and habits. Give a thought and see whether you need to be free of something/someone.
  • Dig up, add breathing space and enrich the soil – In your environment, see what is needed to add a breather and to enrich the life experiences. Look for the ways to ensure that the journey of life is sustainable and you are not putting too much pressure that could choke you.
  • Spray water – Do something that could make refresh you and bring a smile on your face. Groom, yourself to feel good.
  • Watering – Take care of your health with good food and the hygiene needed for the day.

Oops! too much to write on gardening and life. I may write some more posts on this. Meanwhile, let me know your thoughts on gardening and what kind of lessons you got from it.

—-Anitha KC

Pictures: Google images

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