What I feel after the win

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Over the past year, staying at home was a burden to many. Missing out on all the fun outside, eating, shopping, traveling, hanging out with family and friends. There were days I wished to go out and missed those things like everyone else. But after the dreaded encounter of the enemy that sent me to hospital, here are my thoughts!

I am grateful
To be at home
To unite with my family
To feel the warmth of my favorite couch
To sleep on my bed
To talk to my parents & siblings over the phone
To see my friends on zoom calls
To view the faces which I love and hear the voices I adore
To walk, run, and play
To breathe fresh air from the trees
To smell the lovely flowers and the grass
To glance at the sky and floating clouds
To watch the sun rise and set
To look at the moon play hide and seek
To enjoy the monsoon showers
To live, love, and laugh
And to the many more things which we take for granted.

Anitha KC

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