The frog king and the snake

Panchatantra Series Image: Amar chitrakatha Gangadatta was the king of frogs who lived in a well. He had his subjects and his relatives were also living in the same well. He did not like some of the relatives and thought they had an eye on his throne. Those frogs used to create many problems to … Continue reading The frog king and the snake

The Cobra and the Crows – Panchatantra Series

The stories with animals are enchanting and they take us back to our childhood memories. Here is a story from Panchatantra holds the tale of the crows and their enemy, the mighty Cobra. Image: Amarchitrakatha There was a big banyan tree in a forest. Two crows made that tree as their home and built a … Continue reading The Cobra and the Crows – Panchatantra Series

Panchatantra Series

Image: Multiple sources Stories are magical, they carry us to another vibrant world. They allow us to create wonderful characters and color them with our imagination. Stories are very important, especially for kids. Telling stories to kids is a nice experience that improves the bonding between kids and parents and opens up conversations. Storytelling could … Continue reading Panchatantra Series