The Cobra and the Crows – Panchatantra Series

The stories with animals are enchanting and they take us back to our childhood memories. Here is a story from Panchatantra holds the tale of the crows and their enemy, the mighty Cobra.

Image: Amarchitrakatha

There was a big banyan tree in a forest. Two crows made that tree as their home and built a nest to live there. The female crow has hatched eggs, and both were away from the nest in search of food. When they came back, they were shocked to see only the traces of the newborns. Crows were in deep sorrow and could not make out what has happened.

Next time, the crows could notice that a big Cobra was eating their eggs. They could observe that it lived in a hollow at the base of the same banyan tree. They understood that the Cobra was climbing up and eating their babies.

The crows were helpless, and they wanted to look for a way to save their offspring. They thought of consulting the wise jackal, who lived in a nearby place. They went o the wise jackal and narrated the story, asked for his advice to get rid of the problems from the Cobra.

The jackal advised, “Don’t give up. you could overcome even the powerful enemies with the use of wit.” On request from the Crows to get a solution for their problem, the jackal gave them a master plan to execute.

So, the next morning, the female crow went to a nearby pond, where a queen had come for the bath. Her golden necklace was on the shore, and a royal made was guarding it. The crow waited for the opportunity, and when the maid was looking drowsy, it lifted the necklace away by its beak. Suddenly the guards noticed the crow with a necklace in its beak and tried to stone it.

But the crow did not pay heed to their attempt. As per the plan suggested by the jackal, it managed to escape from the stones. The crow flew slowly towards the banyan tree so that guards could notice the destination. The royal guards were following the crow and observing the necklace in its beak. Then, the crow took out the necklace and dropped it cautiously, in front of the hollow where the Cobra was staying.

The royal guards ran towards the banyan tree with so much noise and it made Cobra come out and see outside the hollow. The guards could see the necklace, but the Cobra was very near to it. So to take the necklace back for the queen, they killed the Cobra and walked away with the royal necklace.

The crows could sigh with relief, they went and thanked the jackal for the plan. The crows lived happily in their nest.

What are the lessons we can take away from this?

  • Mighty brawn is no match for nimble brain.
  • Do not lose your mind in fear, look out for help.
  • Remember to consult the right people, when in need.
  • Collaboration and teamwork comes handy during a tough situation.
  • …….

—Anitha KC

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