There is a big blue sky waiting just behind the clouds.

Blue sky, cool breeze, feathery white clouds that are lazing around.  I love to jump on those soft clouds and dance my heart out. Clouds are something which never ceases to fascinate me.

Dark clouds which pour out to drench the earth, grey clouds with silver linings during the thunderstorm, light winter clouds which allow the sun to play hide & seek, colored ones in dawn and dusk that show us the range of color palette, fast-moving clouds and slow ones and so on.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Poets and artists look for inspiration from the clouds. Peacocks like to dance for the heavy monsoon clouds that bring rains and joy to them. Kids look for different shapes in the clouds to stretch their imagination. People in the drought look eagerly at them to shed some water for their crops and cattle. Pedestrians look for clouds to cover up the sun and take care of them as an umbrella, while farmers harvesting their crop wants clouds to move away. Rain lovers look at the cloud and wait for the drizzle to break into rain dance.

Not sure what clouds would have told us if they could hear the cursing from people about the clouds that lead to flood & spoiling of the crops. However, they would have enjoyed the poems on their beauty, praises for the relief they give to a dry area, shades to the needy, water to the land, and the way they enhance the beauty of the sky. 

Some people compare moving clouds to the problems of the life that come and go, while depressed ones refer to the heavily clouded sky to their life situations. When optimist wants to refer the silver lining on the clouds to the upcoming better days some other people find clouds as gloomy.

I love all types of clouds, clouds covering the entire sky triggers inspire me to get a cup of coffee and sit with a storybook, and little lightly covered ones will push me out for a walk. Feathery whitish clouds are a joy to watch. Looking at the evening clouds help me to get into the imaginary world to guess the shape of the clouds and try to interpret what it is trying to convey from its size, shape & color.

Only nature has the ultimate skill to mix and match the hues to paint wonderful colors to the cloud. It has the knife to carve innumerable shapes and sizes in clouds and power to blow them in any direction. 

—-Anitha KC

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