The mist turns to light, morning takes over the night.

Mist looks beautiful in the early morning. It adds a mysterious touch to nature by providing a blurry image of the surrounding to us. 

We can see the other side with blurred sight while mist is building up or clearing off. But when the mist is thick and it feels like a solid wall, we can’t see anything across.

Do we see anything else which acts as mist in our life? Shall we call it as fear, hesitation, obligations, mental block, anxiousness or anything that makes us avoid the things which we want to do or need to do?

I feel most of us face one or other kind of misty situations in life. We know what to do and what we can achieve with the actions which we are supposed to take. But when we reach this misty state, either knowingly or unknowingly, we forget the things which are waiting for us across our tasks/mist. We start giving different names to this mist as lack of time, support from the family, office environment, fitness, the political and economic situation in the country, global crisis, society around us …oops, what not, we have so many reasons to escape!

We go for every possible external reason to excuse us from our inaction. But other than self, no one can get us started with the needed actions. Every journey starts with the first step. That initiative needs to come from oneself. All the motivational videos and books in the world together cannot make us work unless we change the way we think and get started with that first step.

So, let the mist be there in nature, where we can see the beauty of the world with a hide-n- seek nature, not in our mind. Shall we look for the type of mists we are facing and get through them?

—Anitha KC

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