आपः पृणीत भेषजं वरूथं तन्वेऽ मम । ज्योक्च सूर्यं दृशे।     Apah Suktham, Rig Veda

O Water, you are abundantly filled with Medicinal Herbs; Please protect my body…so that I can see the Sun for long (i.e. I live long).

Water is life.  It takes care of every living being on earth. We have no survival chance without it. We look for water on far away planets to find the existence of the life form. Our earth has about 2/3rd of water its surface. Our body has about 2/3rd of water in it. We can’t even imagine a thing what we use or the food we eat that can reach us without touching a drop of water.

So water is our life. To protect our life, we need to protect the water sources. Olden days, river beds were the origin for human settlements. Before the industrial revolution and urbanization, human and water resources lived in a mutually respectable partnership, protecting each other and respecting each other.

Once the industries started using fresh water and leaving used water to rivers, this partnership started losing its charm. Human started polluting the water and wonder whether it is pure and palatable.

With the metropolitan culture, this animosity has reached its peak.  People are afraid of the rain as the urban mess made by human has spoiled the natural water flowing pattern. People suspect the drinking water and treat it with every other means and fancy methods that are advertised.

The Present population lives in an illusion like water exists for human consumption and to satisfy human needs. Forgotten the fact that we live, because of water and it is our duty to take care of the root of our existence.

Once upon a time, our ancestors prayed water before consumption. Offered gratitude to sources of water. Every river, lake, stream, and well were considered sacred and people lived a healthier life. How shall we get back to those healthy days? Can each of us take a pledge to save water so that it can save us?

—Anitha KC

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