There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential.

Charles Schulz

We are the prisoners of our own mind. Though we look for outside things to blame, we are the one who holds our leash.

How many dreams and ambitions do you have and never tried? How long do you keep saying that I wanted to do xyz, or I could have done abc, etc

Could you make a list of things that you dream to do someday and not taken a single step towards it? Would you do an honest assessment and decide on those things which you are holding because of your own resistance?

Till when do you want to wait with these dreams? The new year is approaching, maybe it is a good time to start! Years will come and go as the earth has its own timeline. Do you really want to wait for another year to pass? Think about what you want to do and unleash your self!

You may succeed or not in that endeavor. However, you have the satisfaction of giving a try rather than holding it and repent. The saying goes that most of the time people repent for the things which they have not done than the ones they have done. Small or big doesn’t matter, the first step to get started is what you have to look for. So take a deep breath and dive into the venture you are dreaming of!

__Anitha KC

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