Spread the joy

Be so happy, when others look at you, they become happy too!

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What makes you happy? What keeps you happy? We do have a huge list of things that we claim that when we get them or reaching there, we will be happy. It may be a gadget, or a bigger car, better home, dream vacation, bigger salary, promotion, dream partner, kids, new friends, more money, or many more things and comforts that money can get us. At times, we won’t mind working extra time, or sacrificing health or family time to get them.

Whichever is your choice as a source of happiness, it may make you happy. But does it keeps you happy ? Once the newness is over, excitement comes down. Won’t we start looking at some other target to bring us happiness?

I came across the following quote on happiness. I felt it is quite relevant, so sharing some thoughts on it.

The best feeling of HAPPINESS is when you’re happy because you’ve made somebody else happy.

Does spreading joy helps us? It isn’t it a good idea to do small things on regular basis and experience the joy of sharing or caring by making some one happy.

We need not have to move mountains to make some one smile. Look for an opportunity to make at least one person happy today. It can be a friend, spouse, kids, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, colleague, co-passenger, maid, driver, helper, security guard, shop keeper, or a stranger on the road. There are plenty of ways to bring smile on some one’s face, we just need to have an intention. It may not cost you money or much of the time.

Some examples:

  • Genuine smile
  • Courteous greetings
  • Saying Thanks
  • Sincere compliment
  • A small help that suits the situation/ person:
    • Open the door for others
    • Hold their bag
    • Press the lift button for them
    • Give a flower
    • Get a cup of coffee
    • Buy some sweets/ chocolate
    • Cook a favorite dish
    • Share a meal
    • Hold a place for them while commuting
    • Listen their story
    • Give a drop or a ride
    • Advise, if they ask on any specific matter
    • Show empathy
    • Crack a joke (good humored)
    • Give an unexpected call
    • Share some good reads
    • Be there for them

Would you take this challenge to make some one smile? Just one person per day, for a month? First month of the new year is almost getting over. May be good time to start something nice and easy, that can benefit you as well as others.

—Anitha KC

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