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Transformation and Reinventing could come from many different angles. Each one may have their own reason for reinventing. Last time I had written about Trekking where reinventing was to add more liveliness to life and to explore self-interest in a new area.

However, this time I have a story where reinventing was essential for individual growth. Inspiration could come from different aspects and perceptions. Here, faith is the reason behind the transformation that happened while reinventing himself. In this blog, featuring the experiences of a friend who has found his solace in the Nichiren Buddhist philosophy.

Let me tell you the story in his own words.

The Story

I am from a well educated family in India. My dad is not so religious while the mother is an orthodox Hindu. I was the youngest among three kids. Being the youngest came with its own advantages and disadvantages. I had a very good childhood and was pampered for being the youngest. However, I was overprotected and missed the freedom which was given to my elder siblings. Though I could get a good college education, was not exposed to the real world and lived in the comfort of parental love and care.

After graduation, moved to Bangalore in search of a job. My parents also shifted to Bangalore along with me. Exposure to the outer world made me realize that I needed the confidence and courage to face the big world. That was during recession, and the job market was down and competition to get a good job was tough.

My difficulty to find a job added my woos and further reduced the confidence in me. I visited a few astrologers and started following the rituals, they mentioned. Somehow, I got a good job in Bangalore. So all these experiences made me believe that rituals helped me to get the job, and not on my own ability . So started leaning on outside support for every decision I had to take and it further pulled me down inside. Things were going very well with my life, it was not the case inside me.

Meanwhile, I got an opportunity to work in a foreign country and that was my first ever venture outside the comforts of home. Luckily my friend in the same company was accompanying me and I could manage to go there. While living there, my friend started observing me and it was quite evident to him that there was something amiss.

Once, during our chat, this topic came and he asked me to identify the areas I need to improve. At first, I told him that I am happy and content, and no need to change anything to make me better. But after introspection, I told him the truth that I lacked courage and confidence.

It was my first confession about my inability and I felt the urge to work on it. He introduced me to Buddhist philosophy and involved me in some of the Buddhist meetings. Gradually, as I read and prayed more, I felt that my mind was becoming clearer and calmer. I could understand my weakness and strength in better way. I could focus, think with clarity and take action based on the wisdom I got from the practice.

My perception of life changed. Earlier I was the victim of self-pity and it changed into self-love with improved confidence. I could boldly go out and live life of no regrets.

With renewed confidence and courage, I was ready to test the new water. I decided to take up bigger challenge to move to South Africa and look for a job. It was against all the odds. No financial support or a job in hand. I took that plunge.

Courage is the force that makes our lives brilliant.

-Daisaku ikeda

I could do just because of the new found confidence that I got due to the constant effort to change/improve my life and build optimism as my second nature.

Success in finding a job in South Africa, exploring the unknown country without the comforts of friends and family boosted my confidence. I credit my success to Buddhist teachings and their impacts on me.


This is a real-life story of self-transformation. Here, he feels that complete transformation is due the way he embraced life with the help of Buddhism and continued on his path with perseverance. It is true for him. However, trigger and the path of transformation may vary from person to person. What do you say? Feel free to express add your comment on reinventing and transformation. Do you have any story to tell?

—-Anitha KC

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