A peek into the past and future

Photo: Prashanth Hegde

This photo is taken at Purana Qila at Delhi. It is a location that is loaded with a history of many centuries and an array of rulers. The fort has seen it all, braved and survived. It is standing neutrally and giving us the options to see and think with an open-mind.

For me, the wall speaks of the past, veranda indicates the present and greenery represents the future which we can dream of. Those green leaves indicate the hopes for which we look for.

The way we look at the monuments depends on the history it holds. Past of the buildings, how it is maintained, and what it can hold for the future generations. Every single location would offer us its stories on the past, but we visit them in the present and may think about its future too.

Isn’t it present enabling us to know about the past and think about the future? Doesn’t it deserve maximum attention from us? As present is a gift for us to live, do we call the gifts as presents?

As humans do we have the tendency to keep digging the past and laying the bricks for tomorrow? Today’s present will become past by tomorrow. Are we lost between past and future and missing the time required to build the foundation for the coming tomorrow?

Is there any formula to determine how much time we should spend on the path we have covered already? Past is important, but instead of drowning in it, we could take a lesson from the past irrespective of good or bad situations. We can ponder on what went well, or what we need to change to have a better today and tomorrow. Focus on the present, the gift we have from the world.

Afterthought: How much time you spend on delving in the past? Do you prefer to pick the lesson from it and let it go? Or, hold on to the past and miss the present moments? The choice is yours, make use of the opportunity to let it go and enjoy the present moment.

—Anitha KC

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