Are you keeping it on ice?

“Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do if you stay in the present moment.”
— Deepak Chopra

How frequently do we do this? Keep postponing the best and most important things we wish in our life! That one vacation, a relationship, a new experience, a hobby, an adventure, so on… we are busy with the mundane tasks. So keep postponing the ones which we are craving for!

Do we have all the time in the world so we can postpone the things which we wish to do? Are we becoming slaves to time and just keep doing whatever comes to us and say I have no time to do anything?

Though it looks like a paradox, people who say that they do not have time and busy, are the ones who are assuming that they have all the time in the world whenever they wish. So they keep postponing what they want to do!

But do we get that much time in the future? Who’s seen the future? When you reach there, it would have become now and again we start thinking about the future time! It’s only NOW, we have the time which we can use.

Is it a good idea to make a bucket list and start working on? What is the perfect time to make such a list? Do we need something like that or just get started with being at present?

I don’t have an answer. The saying, one size fits all, would not work. Each one would have their way to fulfill their dreams and work on them. This blog intends to make you think about what you would have kept on ice, revisit, re-prioritize, realize your dreams and not to regret later!

—Anitha KC

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