Rain: Drizzle, Sprinkle or Squall

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul

It’s raining outside. I love the sound of rain, the smell of rain and the rain itself as it nurtures life on earth.

Somehow the rain takes me back to my childhood days. Play in the water, hop on puddles, walk on the mud road, get drenched, splash water on each other, playing with umbrella, croaking of frogs, the melody of rain, greenery, the smell of the fresh leaves, tadpoles in the puddles, warm food when we reach home and so on. Washing feet in the tiny temporary falls in the roadside, just to get it soiled again was a fun thing to do.

Balancing on a slippery road, holding an umbrella against the wind, protecting the school bag from the rain, chatting with friends, looking around to be the first one to locate some interesting things on road for the conversations or just to have some fun. I think these things improved our coordination skills automatically.

Being born and brought up in a picturesque village that once had forest and wild animals around, the rain was a dreamy season with loads of fun activities. There were weeks without seeing the sun, land used to get saturated with water and we could see small fountains on roads and roadsides.

I do not remember seeing any flooding homes though it used to pour heavily for months together. Houses were built based on surroundings and water bodies. It has left nature undisturbed and we had a peaceful co-living with surroundings and rain.

While walking to school and back home, we used to search for special plants, fruits, herbs, and colorful insects. A plant that could protect us from punishments, another one to bring good luck, a variety of leaf to keep in the book to see how it grows and so on.

Hopping frogs and slithering snakes were the ones we used to avoid. However, spitting on the water in the puddles to see the tiny tadpoles gathering towards warm saliva, was something we liked. Heavy bags, pouring rain, the wind pushing our umbrellas, chilling cold with half wet uniform never bothered us. They could not dampen our childhood spirits.

Catching rain bugs and keeping them in an empty matchbox to take it home as a prized possession is still fresh in my mind. Putting those velvety mites on green grass and observing their tiny movement was a cherished moment. Some kids used to catch the non-harming green snakes with a stick and scare the ones who were afraid of snakes.

Pouring sound of the rain accompanied by frog bands with background music by various insects of different sounds used to create a symphony that could put us to sleep in the night. It used to be an uninterrupted sleep with natural music to relax. I’m grateful to have spent my childhood on the lap of nature without any disturbances like television and mobile phones. Lack of these gadgets was a boon for us to live in the present and enjoy each moment.

Without electricity, transport, and telephone facilities, we used to live in a small world of our own. Radio was the only mode to get connected to the outside society. People used to buy groceries in summer and store safely after drying them well under the sun. So, in the rainy season, we did not have many dependencies on towns.

Though it may look like a difficult life from the angle of the urban crowd, it was a heaven for us. I feel it was a much better life than the one that we are offering to our kids. It seems like, modern-day gadgets, an over-protected environment, exposure to excess information, and pressure to excel are pushing the kids to grow faster. I feel that they are missing the carefree, innocent childhood which I cherish in my memories.

There are more things to say about the rain. I am yet to return from the flashback. What do you think about rain?

—Anitha KC

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