How are you doing?

A rainy Sunday with mundane weekend tasks was pushing me down with a thought that I have not done anything worthwhile. Out of the blue, while surfing the internet, I came across this poem that made my day. Laura has written so well that the poem needs no further explanation. It boosted my morale and helped me out of the guilt trip of not doing anything.

Generally, we encourage each other to get started, get moving, go and achieve whatever is the dream, tick off the items in the bucket list, go after the perceived success, live up to the expectation either set by self or by our surroundings and society. We believe in life is a journey, we should keep moving, not to stop anywhere so that we achieve the much-glorified success!

Oh, that’s quite hectic. Still, you feel happy to be that superman/woman who can manage and balance everything to achieve the dream. But do you face burnt down and tiredness? Maintaining good physical and mental fitness would help us for some time. However, this constant pressure to finish all, complete each task, doing perfect, taking care of every activity around us (for which we feel responsible) are not easy to carry on for a long time. And it depends on individual capacity whether one can pull it off for a few years, a few months, or weeks.

Most of us forget to pause and reflect on: Is the time running out to reach the limit, do we need a break, can we leave away a few things which could wait, how much we can handle with existing mental and physical stamina, how to reinforce ourselves, how to rejuvenate the inner force.

To add to the woes, we have a situation that was unheard of till recently. With fear, anxiety, distress, uncertainty took over, and instead of a madly busy schedule, most of us faced lock-down that got us confined to homes.

It took quite a lot of time to get used to the vicious cycle of cleaning, sanitizing, social distancing, wearing the mask, not to go out for relaxing. Initial days were straining us and took a toll on minds too. Irrespective of the type of work, each one is getting impacted due to the situation.

Our thought patterns and behavior are changing. Whether the change is for good or bad, time would decide. But if we can reflect on the changes we are going through, it would give us some clue on the direction we are heading. Some people would have developed new skills and getting equipped to face the changing world. For some, the fear of losing a job or business and the related stress could be taxing. Many would have become too conscious of falling sick and buying all possible hygiene-related products. For the people who have faced the pandemic or seen the cases and losses in the friends and family, it would be a devastating impact.

With such things happening around us and weighing us down, it is a high time to listen to ourselves. Give space to heal, restore, replenish the inner self. Prioritize the bare minimum needs and clear off the surrounding clutter. Find a place, look around or close your eyes, whichever is comfortable for you, and breathe.

—Anitha KC

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  1. Clearing off the clutter and paring life down to its necessities is such an important thing to do. Most of us get carried away with life that we forget to take stock for our own clarity. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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