Stay wild and be you!

The new year arrived! As if external restrictions are not enough, year-end came with some infections that put me on medicine for the first week of the new year.

I could manage to write a blog and an article. A reduced level of energy made me think about the matters we take for granted. i.e., going for a walk, completing the chores, preparing food & eating, laughing, and having fun. Found it tough to smile and laugh when I was feeling the energy drain.

Picking up and gradually getting back to my self. So my new year resolutions got hit at the beginning itself. But the pull goals like reading and breathing exercises kept me on track and made me feel that I am on my way.

I was wondering about a publishing calendar as many people talk/write about it. I am planning to be a little more consistent. So, I am not aiming for too many blogs in a year and give up in between. I may share a few things that keep me motivated and help you also. Trying a couple of things and aiming to establish a training calendar by mid-year.

Here is a poem to ponder on!

— Anitha KC

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