New thoughts for the new year

A new year is here with 365 days, with fresh energy to take us forward. What are you planning to do with it?

Have you closed the last year? How many things are you carrying forward for the new year? Goals, aspirations, wins, setbacks, conflicts, love, friendship, joy, sorrow, and more. Should we take them all for the new year? It would be wise to take the only things that are essential for us, the ones that help us become the person we want to be or bring joy to us. Although it’s easier said than done, give it a try.

Most of us had different expectations for the year 2022. We fulfilled some and didn’t do others. Let us spend some time to recollect our achievements, lessons that we like to carry forward, and memorable events to archive in our memory, and let go of all unwanted ones.

It seems we focus more on the ones we missed than what we achieved. In our childhood, we checked where we lost a mark in a test and would get advised to work more on such questions or problems.

When you join the workforce, you get assessed based on your work. The appraisal would be on incompleted tasks, weaknesses, and areas of improvement.

Check out the news & newspaper focusing mainly on issues, and discuss problems of society, politics, community, people, corporations, individuals, etc. Not much content shows what is going well or who has done good work.

We are tuned to this behavior and tend to talk about problems, even while talking to friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues too. Should we not build a habit, think & talk about things for which we can be grateful?

Is it not possible to talk about good happening around us? Can we watch and listen to the information that positively impacts us? I am sure it is worth trying. What do you say? Would you like to add it to your new year’s resolutions?

—Anitha KC

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