What are you feeding your mind? (Mass media)

You have to feed your mind daily with the good, clean, pure, powerful and positive

Zig Ziglar

Do you get scared while walking in a crowded street or traveling in a cab, waiting for the lift, to open the door when it rings unexpectedly? Do you often suspect or doubt new/known people you meet? Do you feel uncomfortable when you see certain kinds of people?

Crime-based shows and web series are finding more and more audiences. So-called reality-based and realistically directed series and movies get overwhelming support on OTT. Most programs have gripping plots to hook the viewers with stories based on mistrust, crime, violence, fear & anxiety.

In the comfort of their home, while eating, relaxing, and having family/friends time, one can get entertained by such dramas. Watching them would make people part of solving puzzles and mysteries and adds a thrilling experience as we get to speculate as to why criminals may act the way they do.

Each program and channels want to attract more audience. Kids, young adults, and adults get lured into viewing the promoted content. Some watch it for curiosity or out of boredom, or during mindless scrolling and get hooked on them.

Some kinds of characters get stereotyped and can instill fear & anxiety, causing trust issues in viewers. Research says that exposure to violent content could increase aggression. I think we are witnessing it more and more in daily life.

News channels & newspapers also highlight the wrong things happening around us. People doing good deeds will not make it to the news unless it has an extensive impact on society or they have money & influence to promote. Any crime, theft, robbery, accident, or graft would become part of the news we watch or read.

It makes us believe that the world is becoming a horrible place to live. We will not talk about the 95% of people who are not harming others, trying to live in peace, or contributing to society. Based on the news and the shows we watch, our discussions and thoughts may go around a small percentage of people behind the issues.

Everyone has the freedom to watch. News channels, newspapers, and movie/show makers have freedom of expression. However, the responsibility that should accompany is falling behind in the greed of TRPs. Any comment from the sensor board would get wrath from viewers & makers alike.

Actors, storytellers, directors, channels, or OTT platforms, want to get maximum viewers and touch people’s emotions to keep viewers hooked. Traumatic experiences are glamorized in movies and shows. It is their job.

No one can force us to watch or read disturbing content. One can promote such content aggressively and impart it at the touch of a fingertip.

You have control over what you feed your mind. Would you like to be the gatekeeper of your mind and allow the content that benefits you?

—Anitha KC

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