Dusting helped me to clean my thoughts

Take a deep breath, Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off.

I am getting some home improvement work done. As multiple people are working, a whole lot of dust spreading home from drilling and carpentry work. There is chaos prevailing at home. The floor is full of misplaced things and materials kept for the carpentry work. It is overwhelming to see the dust capturing all the things at home. I am into dusting and mopping most of the time. Cleaning has become a main task which I can’t avoid knowing that tomorrow the dust will be back as the work is still in progress.

I want to clean the home but could not clean it due to a work-in-progress situation. But this allowed me to introspect and think about the inner clutter that is in my control. How many times we think about our thoughts and see whether our thinking is clean and not cluttered?

Generally, people say that external clutter would impact our thinking. We need to keep the surroundings clean and well organized. That may be true, but there can be a situation like the one mentioned here, where we have to live with the surroundings.

However, we have the choice to take control of the inner clutter and dust. Maybe some of our thoughts and intentions would have got dusted over time and not bright enough to carry out the related tasks. In the routine of daily chores, our best plans & ideas would have lost the sheen internally. We may not have time and energy to think about it as we do not get a pop-up message to remind us.

So it is high time to do a little dusting in the inner world too! I am happy and grateful to the dusty home as it is pushing me to-clean-up inside of me. These are the things I intend to do now.

Close my eyes and Think!

  • What are the priorities in my life?
  • Am I spending enough time and energy on those things?
  • How much time is going away for the things that do not figure in my priority?
  • How to reduce the time spent on non-priority items?
  • Do I need to refocus? 

These questions help us dust-off our core intentions and ideas and get ahead with them.

—Anitha KC

9 thoughts on “Dusting helped me to clean my thoughts

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  1. By nature we hoard things. The day we start disposing things not used anymore, we will have more space and less dust to clean! True for both our minds and homes 🙂

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