Everyone who has a body experiences Resistance.

Enough of waiting for motivation to pour in to start our work! Prejudice & Procrastination are trying to lead our lives. Resistance is using them as tools to control us. It’s time to push out this internal demon and wake up to get started!

Why should I wait for someone else to motivate me to do the things which I dream of. Generally, it is said that if we want to do something, we won’t procrastinate, it happens only for the things which we are supposed to do. Also, we hear that taking the first step towards your goal will take us towards success. However, situations can be different.

An example is here, myself! I have an urge to be a writer and have the confidence to do so. Have lots of things to say and very eager to write it. However, in each step, I have to try hard to come out from the trap of Resistance! Resistance can catch anybody at any time, irrespective of person, location, and the kind of tasks you are intend to do.

Examples: Study for an exam, Join a class, Start a hobby, Career change, Closing a deal, Travel plan, Financial goal, Diet plan, Exercise, Learning new things, Relocation, etc.

As Steven Pressfield mentions, Resistance obstructs movement only from a lower sphere to a Higher. Any good thing you intend to do for your personal development in any field, resistance appears from nowhere, uninvited.

Disciplined people have their way to address it, and succeed in their tasks. People who are nowhere interested in understanding the resistance and continue in mundane tasks do not have any problem with resistance, as ignorance is bliss!

However, people like us who have dreams to achieve and procrastination to get started, are the ones who suffer majorly due to the Resistance. Though it is contagious, it is easy to fight it out together with family or friends. It takes a conscious effort from us to take control of the Resistance and tread towards the completion/success.

Maintaining regular time and location helps some people while others prefer to make a public commitment to it. Joining a like-minded group also helps in avoiding resistance. These are just some examples. It may not be applicable for every type of resistance. So we need to work further on the resistance.

  1. Close your eyes and think, which are the tasks pending due to self-resistance.
  2. Select the one task/goal to start with.
  3. Think of the first action/step towards your task.
  4. Just do it.
  5. Repeat“just do it” till it becomes a habit and second nature of you.
  6. Take up the next one (task) to get started.
  7. Repeat steps 3-5.

My struggle with Resistance:

I have selected writing as the task which I want to pick up and am facing self-resistance to start. I shared my interest and plan for writing with my friends. After the initial discussion, I finalized on starting a blog.

First, I started writing whenever I could do it. Got 2-3 articles ready. 

But I was still thinking about whether to start the blog or wait for some more time (Resistance started slithering). As I had already mentioned too many people about it, I had no choice but to start. So this resistance had to take a back seat and I started working on selecting the name, creating a world press account, etc. Then I realized that I need to have a clear intention and the scope for this blog. That’s how I wrote Reasons to start this blog

Still, the Resistance was trying to hold me back, saying that these articles may not be relevant, people may not read, it may not work, etc. However, my friends stood with me and I managed to click on that Publish button. Now I am in steps 4-5 and hoping to complete the 5th step! 

Look out for the activity that you need to start, identify the resistance and kick it out to move towards your goal. Wish you all the best!

—Anitha KC

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