What to write?

At times, deciding on the topic for the blog could become exhausting and overwhelming. That’s what I am facing now.

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It feels like different topics are bombarding me to pick up and write and my mind is going blank with too many options in hand. To make this task easier, I have tried my hand in making different categories like Inside, Outside, Little things of joy, Reinventing and Panchatantra.

I want to make it very systematic, weekly blog to two categories, a specific number of words, on a specific day and so on. But as I sit to write, my mind wanders and collects too many topics that it feels interesting. Once it has picked up different topics, I feel that those topics are competing with each other to go live. When the empty pages with different captions pop up, my mind starts sailing without a rudder. Sometimes here and sometimes there, aimless wandering.

It may be good to have this aimless wander and explore my thoughts while writing. Though I am not sure how it impacts the end product, this blog, just going with the flow.

It is great to have goals and focused effort to reach the same. As we have different aspects of life, number of goals in each area get added up. Personal, professional, career growth, higher education, health, wealth, relationship, hobby, reading, parenting, social…So many goals, how easy or difficult it is to think about all at once…then it becomes like my mind now.

Single tasking and practicing mindfulness on the task in hand could help. Having time blocks and working one thing at a time would be more effective. When you are working on career related task, just do it as if it is the only thing on your plate. When you are exercising to achieve your fitness goal, focus on that alone. While watering the plants in garden, that should be the only task in your mind.

It is easier said than done. But still it is a feasible solution when we have too many goals to work on. It may take some time to work as it requires self-training to focus in that way.

However, find some free time and let your mind wander on its own without thinking about past or future, just be at present. It could rejuvenate and add vigor to your thinking muscle.

Okay, I have reached here. Take some time for the mindless wander. You ever know what would show up. It could be a surprise for you too.

—Anitha KC

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