Shopper to Seller – An experience

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When did you do something new? Any new activity triggers an excitement in us, adds much needed flavor to the daily life.

There was a situation recently, where I choose to say Yes for the new experience.
As I write in my blogs to explore the new avenues and activities for individual growth, it was my turn and I had to follow the suit.

It was two days before the international women’s day, got a call from a friend in my  office. She asked me why can’t I keep a stall in women’s day flea market at office. I had a shock of my life, I have never kept any stalls and how can I even sell something? What to sell? She explained me that it is meant for employees to showcase their hobbies. Insisted that I have to keep a stall and get whatever craft I have done as the merchandise.

Just two days to go and I had many reasons to say NO. However, remembered the point to say Yes for a new experience. So said yes, and started thinking on what to keep in the stall.

Checked with friends and my kids, decided on painted bottles and money plants. I thought of one more item to keep in the stall.

It’s time to get started,

  • Sent what’s up messages to 3-4 friends and asked for empty bottles, and collecting time that’s convenient for them.
  • Collected the bottles in evening, cleaned up the labels.
  • Checked my craft corner, could see the dry paint and broken brushes. Went to the stationary shop and bought acrylic paints and brushes.
  • Watched YouTube for some ideas for an additional item. Book markers with quilling paper looked interesting and was happy to see unused quilling paper at home. Sat after dinner and made some book markers.

So the next day, there was a meeting in office with all stall keepers. I was taken aback when people were mentioning the goods and its worth that they are getting. I felt that they are quite professional in selling and already have enough items to sell.  However, I  was determined to try something new for the first time. Excitement was high enough to get started to produce the goods for my stall.

After reaching the home, started the process of painting bottles. One after other: 1,2, 3, 4… 11,12, one more…I was so exhausted and could not sit continuously and paint for 4-5 hours. But the thrill of keeping a stall and selling made  it possible for me though I ended up burning mid night oil.

Before. After

At midnight, I collected some plant cuttings from my garden so that I could keep them in the bottle and sell them. I was so happy in the morning and packed all the bottles carefully by winding newspapers around each of them and carried them to my office. When I reached the location of the stall, I was pleasantly surprised to see the big printout stuck behind the assigned table. Name of the stall, Resonance of Life!  

My friends helped me to arrange the bottles and put the price tags too. With so many people visiting the stall, both known and unknown, it was difficult for me to ask them to buy the bottles and book markers. I realized that it is very easy for me to do the shopping than selling.

But  determination was high and I had friends to back me in this endeavor. Continued to stand near the stall and speak for my stall.  One of my colleague came and purchased a book marker to motivate me.  Gradually it picked up and I sold all the book markers. Later,  sales picked up for the bottles too, some were bought and others bottles were sold to my friends and colleagues. Thus I could sell most of the painted bottles (with money plants) and all of the book markers.

Some of the lessons I got from this experience:

  • Resistance shows its face whenever we want to try something new. We have to overcome it on our own.
  • It is easy to spend money by shopping, but becomes difficult to sell something and ask for money, unless you have prior experience.
  • Crafting and selling are totally different, and selling requires separate skill sets.
  • Each new experience provides us a chance to learn.
  • Patience is the key to success in both the field (crafting or selling).
  • Should be ready to face awkward moments while facing the customers.
  • and so on…

This is an example where I could have the joy of something new and also learn a couple of things to remember. Look for an opportunity to get started with any small things that gives you joy and pleasant changes in life. Think about it and choose your next project.

—Anitha KC

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