Be you!

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s day is an opportunity to look at the achievements, challenges, contributions, problems & issues, and many more things related to women. It is a time to discuss this topic at various forums.

It is a diverse world. A very few percentages of women are scaling the heights in their professional or personal life, while many women are aspiring to try to reach their goals. Many women in the world are struggling to make their ends meet. Some are working hard for their family and society at the expense of their physical/emotional health. There is a massive number of women who are trying to get the bare minimum necessities of life!

When one segment of society is celebrating Women’s day with shopping, lunches, and parties, innumerable women do not even know the celebrations surrounding this day. It is the world we have, so big and diverse. However, if I start writing about the various issues that bother women, it can’t fit in a single blog. Let me focus on one point today, that’s being you!

Objectification of women has become so common in advertisements, movies, and albums. Crime against women is increasing, and on the other hand, women are getting obsessed with models on screen and developing negative body image.

Sabotaging health in the quest for the perfect body, over-stressing the body to burn calories, build muscles, lose/gain weight is an issue impacting many women. Either they get into over-exercising or counting calories and poor eating habits with a vicious circle of less eating & overeating. Various treatments to change skin color, texture, curl or straighten the hair, and many more things are aggressively marketed by demeaning some and dignifying other appearances.

Exaggeration of physical appearance and one-sided concepts of beauty is causing stress on women of all ages. Not only women, even kids, and teenagers are falling prey to the advertisements of various products. Big companies of beautifying products are busy increasing revenue without even thinking of the negative impacts on society. Even little girls are looking for fairness creams and slimming products!

It does not mean that one should not try to look good. You can look good with however you are and feel good. But the society and media are screaming from the rooftop that only certain features make a person beautiful and trying to measure everyone with the same scales and molds. That is what adding pressure on individuals along with their share of responsibilities and troubles.

How much pressure we have today to get aligned with these virtual concepts that define women into different categories due to their physical appearance? How much importance should we give to what others think about our bodies? Should we care for our body or punish it as it is different from the so-called standards defined by society and face physical and emotional distress?

We have one body, and we need to live in it till we live. We can not exchange or get a new one like the consumables we purchase and discard. Do you think twice before eating whether it is doing anything good to your body? If it is your car, do you buy fuel that may not be good? Knowing that you can get cars repaired, sell, and buy a new one, you would go for quality fuels to keep the engine running well.

What does our body need? Some good food regularly, little exercise, and a little peace of mind. However busy we are, we need to take some time and resources to maintain our health. A healthy body and a healthy mind are inseparable and give us the confidence to live better.

I agree that we may not have complete control of our health. But at least shall we focus on retaining the existing health and improving it further? By focusing on one step at a time, we can take better care of ourselves. Your health and wellness play a major role in your life. Before you take care of others, you need to be in a better condition. Be cautious on your in-take, for both the body and mind.

Why do you compare yourself with others? Pave your path to regain your health, nurture your mind, body, and soul. Move forward in your way without worrying about the stereotypes created by society.

You are unique, with your body and mind. Forget about the molds created by the media and society to restrict you. Focus on being a better version of yourself and be you. Take ownership of your life, spend time and effort to realize the path you want to choose, and go for it!

—Anitha KC

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