A walk through

24th March 2020, A New Beginning

“The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter!”

— Jen Selinsky

In the days of uncertainty, only one thing is sure. We have to brave the 21 days of lock-down! We could be happy, sad, scared, anxious, or panic. We do not have any options to choose from or no control over it. We need to accept the situation as there is no other option.

An important thing to remember, it is not limited to one city, state, or country. When the whole world is struggling against an invisible enemy, we need to do our role. The medical fraternity is working overtime, essential service providers are toiling by putting themselves at risk, daily wage workers are looking for alternatives from the government to get their daily bread. The minimum thing that we can do to contribute to our society, to save ourselves is to stay at home, follow social distancing norms. Let us do our bit to protect our communities in this testing time.

Let us see what best we can do while staying at home and doing daily chores of the house and the office work. It is a challenge to complete the tasks, face the wavering situation, understand and interpret the bombarding stories on media. With access to the internet, sometimes I wonder whether we get what we need, or getting lost in the unwanted information flooding through our mobile phones in hand!

The 21 days of lock-down, no way to go out to relax. The number 21 indicates the new beginning. Lock-down time is coinciding with the beginning of the new lunar year in India this year. The new year starts in spring, with colorful flowers and budding leaves. Nature moves at its own pace and won’t wait for us. Morning and evening, days, and weeks life goes on.

We have a set of 21 days in our hands that are different from what we have seen. Shall we use this as an opportunity to do something that we were procrastinating? It is an opportunity to form a new habit, change a behavior, instill self-discipline, or start something new. You may challenge yourself to maintain the fitness or regain it and start working towards it. Three weeks is a good duration to start, adhere, and see the result of your effort. What are you planning to do? Some ideas here:

  • Start a new fitness regime that you can do at home (weatherproof ones would be handy in the future too)
  • Take up a hobby at the comfort of your home
  • DIY enthusiasts can have a blast in a frugal way, by using what you have at home. No shopping!
  • Reading that you always wanted to pick up for a long time and giving excuses as time shortage.
  • Cooking or baking that helps in the healthy eating habit too.
  • Self-care routines, for body and mind.
  • Gardening & self-gardening
  • Declutter the home and thoughts
  • Writing, crafting, sewing, or anything which you wanted to do and kept postponing it.

I am planning to work on some new and old habits.

  • Rebounding, as a way to wellness
  • Yoga for flexibility
  • Hooping for fun
  • Writing & Reading
  • Crafting & DIYs

22nd April 2020, Go with the flow?

Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.


There are thoughts galore for everything. What to do and what not to do? Whether the lock-down time should end or get extended. Whether it is helping people or not. What are we supposed to do? Be at home and stay safe? Help the needy people without compromising on one’s safety. Let us try, whichever is possible.

I missed publishing the earlier post that may not look relevant do today. Time flows like a river. A month passed in a great speed, news filled with fear, agony, fright, sadness, dreaded numbers on Covid-19 cases!
I have almost stopped consuming unending news-feed on these topics. Drowned with a whole lot of work in hand, too many tasks to complete. Added craze on washing and cleaning due to the current situation is piling up more pending work.

Along with physical work, it is a task to take care of an overthinking mind that is making me restless. It is becoming difficult to sit without doing work or thinking about the pending work. Overwhelming thoughts are draining energy. There is a need to keep us engaged positively.

Lack of time to read or write is helping me to get acquainted with audiobooks and insightful speeches. As there were no options to go for a walk or go anywhere else, I could work on some items that are mentioned in the previous part. I pulled myself up to do Sooryanamaskar (Sun salutation -Yoga) each day until it became a habit. Also, Worked on some DIY things like painting the sofa frame & shelf. I am trying to do rebounding or hooping when I get time. But gardening is allowing me to calm my mind, focus, and rejuvenate. I am planning to write a blog about it soon.

22nd May 2020, Take it Slow…

I think we are getting adjusted to the so-called New Normal. i.e. Masks, social distancing, sanitizers, homemade food, more time with family, working from home, remote/video meetings are becoming part of our life. It seems natural to see people with masks. At the beginning of this year, it was a rare sight to see people wearing masks other than health care or cleaning jobs.

It seems like a good time to pause and think of priorities in our life. Good to take it slow as we are not reaching anywhere. Introspect and focus on the required changes in mindset and habits.

20th June 2020, Time to Retrospect…

Gradually we are getting back to the new normal, picking up the things, learning to move ahead while coping with the surrounding situation. After a slow pace in life, it’s time to get ready to gear up. It’s a good time to understand and free us from the traps of comparison and rat race.

I found this gem on the internet and awestruck by the beauty of the lyrics. Relevant to most of us while thinking about the past, present, and future. Isn’t it true that each of us needs to ride on our river and fly with our gusts alone? If so, is there any meaning to worry by comparing yourself with others? Or, thinking about whether we are left behind or missing out on something?

When the world is slowly moving out from the clutches of the lock-down, it would be a wise thing to be yourself and face the world with renewed self-confidence. Take care of yourself and soar high with your gusts of wind and ride on your river.

—Anitha KC

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