What is your Golden Window?

All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.

Leonardo da Vinci

I came across a small story about a house with a golden window. Quite an interesting story and thought many of us could relate it with different things in our life.

A little girl was living in a country house. She was quite happy with her home and family, but for a thing which she used to watch across the hill. She could see a house with golden windows! She was imagining the people living in that house and felt they are fortunate to live there.

Once she is a little older, she persuaded her mother to allow her to go out for a solo ride on her bicycle. Mother cautioned her not to go far and stay nearer to the home. The girl agreed, she was eager to see her dream house with the golden window.

Once she was out of her house premises, her target was to reach that magical house and get to know about the people living there. She wanted to have a close look at the golden windows and touch and feel the luxury of it.

So without much hesitation, she started on her planned path to reach there. Her focus was on the road and the speed so that she can go sooner. Finally, she went near the fence of that house and was surprised! It was an ordinary house, not well maintained. Glasses were dirty. She did not feel like entering and talking to people residing there. She was disappointed. She dreamt of seeing the house with golden windows for years, but the reality was different.

With sadness in mind, she looked at her house so that she can start riding back. For her astonishment, she could see her home with a golden window. Due to the reflection of sunlight, window was glowing like gold. She had a smile on her lips. She has been living in a golden house with a loving family. She never realized until she watched it from another hill. With a mind filled with joy, she started her ride back.

How many times do we face this situation? Many a time, we may not realize it as in the case of this little girl. Unless we go far and see back or see from another point of view, we won’t be able to see the golden window of our home. Perceived golden windows on other’s houses or in their life could make a person feel downcast, jealous, restless, or unhappy too.

It may be the case with the relationship, family, health, jobs, home, or place. It could be individual ability, talent, or one’s own body or mind. We fail to recognize and appreciate what we have. It is like the grass on the other side of the river. It always looks greener.

Good to take some time and think about your golden window. Could you think of anything which you have already and not appreciating?

—Anitha KC

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13 thoughts on “What is your Golden Window?

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  1. Nice article Anitha ! Reminds us to appreciate what we have already and not keep constantly looking for the elusive non-existent treasure / GNV

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  2. Life is a constant battle between contentment and needs to explore and expand. Which path to adapt is determined by the end goal’s goodness quotient, I guess.. GNV

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