Each one can reach one

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Ronald Regan

I was reading a small story, a Zen story.

Once, two travelers in the desert had lost their ways. They were hungry, thirsty, and too tired to walk anymore. They reached an intimidating wall-like structure. It camouflaged in the dunes of the desert and was difficult to recognize from a long distance.

After close observation, they could hear a waterfall and birds singing on the other side of the wall. One of them climbed over that wall and disappeared down the other side. The other, instead, returned to the desert to help other lost travelers find their way to the oasis.

It may not be possible to lend a hand to all. However, we can still show kindness and support when needed for another. If each one helps one, what would our world look like?

Helping others is good for them, and also makes us happier too. There is a saying Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear, and the blind can see. That’s the power of it.

What do you think? It need not have to be life-changing help, it could be as small as giving a smile or lending an ear to the one who needs, being a voice to the person who cannot talk for themself, sharing a light moment, donating something which you do not need anymore or any other options that you can do easily.

Are you ready to help someone in need?

—Anitha KC

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